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Follow the checklist 

Feasts and pleasures of the summer tables are long gone and yet the memory of them remained. For proof, a few inches more on your hips and the difficulty in closing your pants. It is time to react and to find your form, the return is the perfect time to take action. So, not to forget it and get it right, follow step-by-step our checklist. 

1 - The day of reckoning

Evaluate yourself! To see if you have weight to lose and how, using our calculation tools.

Calculate your BMI

Also called body mass index, BMI established the mathematical relationship between your height and weight. You used to determine if you are overweight and takes into account your build. To know where you locate, use our calculator.

Ideal weight

Your ideal weight also called healthy weight should be your goal plan. It is a weight for you given your size and it will be easy to maintain. It is not advisable to try to lose weight more than your healthy weight as you will find it difficult to stabilize. Your ideal weight? Towards our calculator.

Do you measure 

And even if your balance always displays the same weight, your body may have increased. So do you measure: waist, thighs, knees ... And distrust, if your waist circumference exceeds 88 cm (if you're a woman) or 102 cm (if you're a man), there is a risk to health.
Your image
Here, it is no longer whether you are overweight but how you feel in your body and what difference is there between the image reference the mirror and figure that you would like. Try to honestly evaluate the weight loss necessary to achieve this result.

2 - Determine your goals
It is very important to have goals and stick to it. A schedule of the weeks and months ahead, they will remain the focus of your progress.

How much weight to lose? 

You now have a clearer idea of ​​the weight you want to lose. Ask yourself whether this is realistic ideal weight. The goal is a weight where you feel good, not coated, but not thin either. And attention, not to destabilize your metabolism, you should not lose more than 10% of your weight in the year. So did you do your accounts?
Plan time

Lean gently reasonably expect a loss of two to three kilos per month. Trying to lose weight quickly can be a difficult goal to take over the long term. Remember that you took time to take those extra pounds, it will also have to lose, let your body and especially your skin time to adjust to its new forms.
Do not forget to allow yourself a margin, think about the next vacation or holiday during which you may forget your diet a little ... 

3 - Choose your plan 

For a system to be effective, it must be followed long enough. There is no "better" or more efficace.Celui regime that suits you best will be that you have the easier and fun to follow. But yes, it's possible. First, we must consider what your daily routine and find the plan that best suits your lifestyle.

What is your lifestyle?

you are a regular family meals

2. you eat every noon at the restaurant

you never make a proper meal at lunchtime

What are your preferences?

you like to cook good food

2. you do not swear by the frozen and canned

3. You do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen

4. This restaurant, snack or caterer

The best diet for you

Weight Watchers: For those with the time and inclination to cook good food

1. Montignac: for the regulars of the restaurant

2. Separated, nothing to count, easy to follow but do eat the sandwich bread / butter

3. Atkins: many banned, it is better to make his meals at home

4. Scars-dale: forward only if you take all your meals at home, if not, hello to the complications for the menu which is called

"Home Plan" calorie counting calories without paying attention to any portions ... for those who are unable to precisely follow a diet. This addition to changing eating habits of following a real plan.

4 - Exercise

Exercise promotes weight loss, refines the silhouette and moderates the appetite. But given that nearly 40% of subscribers to a gym give up after a few weeks, we understand why we must carefully choose an activity that we match.


This is the main: not fun, you will not hold long enough for lack of motivation. Who wants to go and make them suffer for an hour three times a week? So look what you would like to offer and if what the gym does not inspire you, know that there are lots of other fun activities that we do not often think like the trampoline, bowling, skating, swimming synchronized, badminton ...

Solo and group

Based on country roads to cycle when you have a mad desire to rub the world is not necessarily a good idea.
Your degree of socialization is to be considered, too timid, do aerobics in the middle of 25 girls will certainly quickly turn to the Calvary ... and when a figure somewhat heavy, you do not necessarily want to appear in leotards, then, think ...

Question time

How much time can you devote to the practice of an activity? Three times a week is a good pace to get back in shape. Do not forget the time needed to travel to get to the gym. If you're the type swamped with work, you might prefer to subscribe to a club open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Your goals

It depends on what you expect from the sport you will practice. Lose a few pounds, to rebuild a great shape or reshape your silhouette will all have to be considered for choosing your business. For help, see our chart of activities by category. 


ACTIVITIESWeight Loss - Aerobics- Jogging- Simulator steps- Swimming- Step-endurance heart - Squash- Badminton-muscle tone - Fitness (devices)- Karate, judo ...Flexibility - Yoga- Stretching- Gymnastics 

5 - Stay motivated

Without real commitment, a plan has little chance of success, so it needs to be from the start all the advantages on your side.

Your motivations

Why do you lose weight? Answer this question honestly. The answer is important because it is she who will help you later to stay motivated. Desire to please, to find form and tone, better self-image ... There are many reasons to you to find yours.


Reward yourself! For every pound lost or every 5 pounds, are planning to make a gift, enjoy it, mark it! It's good for morale and it gives strength to continue.

Nothing planned?

Moving? The return of children to school? A new job? If you plan events stressors, push a little the start of your diet. Wait until calm returns to get started, you will increase your chances of success.

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