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Gluten-free diet

You've probably heard about the new trend called the scheme "gluten free". People try this new style of food for many reasons, but do you really know?Gluten-free diet can actually help you manage or control a chronic illness. As a dietitian, I observed that the gluten-free diet can help people overcome chronic pain, fibromyalgia, eczema, autism, anxiety and problems with blood sugar and body's resistance to weight loss.

Eliminate gluten

How to eliminate gluten from your diet to prevent health problems? Getting rid of gluten-free is equivalent to cutting the vast majority of junk food, processed foods, most of which are toxic, increase your blood sugar and promotes inflammation. So this means that cutting the gluten, you can also cut most of the toxic food ingredients like food colorings, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and MSG. So you will not need to ask you to purchase another commercial pasta or pizza, cookies cheap, cakes, muffins or even some "health foods" such as tofu sausages, because These products all contain a significant amount of gluten. Remove these harmful products from your diet means you will make room for nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and natural proteins, which, consumed in the right proportions, will improve your health.

Origin of gluten

You might wonder what is the origin of gluten and why it can be harmful for you. Gluten is a protein that comes from grains such as wheat, oats, rye and barley. The most problematic source of gluten is wheat. Because it is a protein that promotes inflammation, gluten can cause or aggravate existing inflammation in your body, causing pain and other types of "dis-ease."
It may seem unlikely that a health food like wheat can be bad for you. Well, consider this: consider the last time you prepared a bowl of wheat. The result may be "never." Why? Well, in my opinion is that you can not eat wheat as it is. To break it down into a form that we can digest, it must be highly processed, ground, milled and baked. Not as natural as it seems, is not it?

I can tell you this: wheat is a health food used excessively in the last three decades. Although I advise most people to eat whole wheat bread, wheat crackers and sometimes whole wheat pasta, they are not healthier. In my personal life and with my clients, I removed all gluten from the diet and its results speak for themselves: less pain, weight loss, improved digestion, better skin condition, increased energy and brain function. Results vary according to each person but almost everyone can get the benefits you want to remove gluten from their diet.

Where to start

If you want to try living without gluten, but do not know where to start, here are some tips. For cereals and starchy foods, stick to unprocessed whole grains such as brown rice and wild quinoa (my favorite!), Sweet potatoes and squash. Eat lots of raw or cooked vegetables and sprinkle with garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil and sea salt. Include all the colors of fruit, avocado, natural oils and nuts every day. And do not stick to meats and cheeses fresh and natural unprocessed.
If you need to include processed foods in your diet to meet your needs or for convenience, use of foods such as cereals, biscuits, bread or flour labeled "gluten free". In conclusion, eating gluten-free is a trend that will not go away. Given that we are more concerned about our health and food standards are changing, farmers will need to find alternative crops. If you have not tried it yet, then give yourself a chance to make a gluten-free diet to your menu every day, you have nothing to lose, perhaps less inflammation, pain and a few pounds ... less.


10 Nutritional Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for reliable information on nutrition, you're in the right place. Here you will find practical information impartial science-based and written by a professional and experienced dietitian.

1 - Eliminate Gluten
We have been bombarded with pro-wheat marketing campaign for years, but research and clinical experience teaches us that the gluten is not good for health. It causes inflammation, is linked to brain disorders and addictive.
2 - Good fats
Your body needs omega-3 daily for brain function, hormone production, metabolism, and more! If you buy fish oil, it is essential that they be certified free of mercury and dioxins and purified. A good source of fat may come from walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, nut butters, avocados, egg yolks, oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic butter, oil coconut for cooking more heat, grape seed or use of sesame oil.
3 - Love vegetables
Most enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and fiber from vegetables, dark green or bright color. We suggest that you eat vegetables at every meal. When properly prepared, the vegetables are a delight and if for you, prepare vegetables is a real headache when it is time to review your report with the vegetables. Falling in love vegetables starts with the choice of main course and the amazing diversity of vegetables, then shopping, then the preparation and ends with the tasting of this delicious home-made. We believe that once the habit of preparing meals with fresh vegetables, you can not do without and vegetables will quickly become your new best friends.
4 - Protein
The decision of whether to eat meat is personal. Our experience has taught us that most people feel better in the long run when they consume animal protein. We need protein for the functioning of almost everything, including weight loss, immune system, metabolism, brain, hormones and energy. The protein requirement increases with the psychological and physical stress, exercise, pregnancy ... The best sources of protein are fish low in mercury, organic chicken, turkey, beef or eggs. You can also eat quinoa (grain containing more protein) instead of white rice, pasta, oatmeal, etc.. Nuts, lentils, legumes are recommended as part of your daily protein intake, but does not completely replace animal protein. You can also drink a smoothie of whey protein per day for breakfast or snack. And where possible, get food from animal farms that maintain high ethical standards and standards of good nutrition.
5 - Digestion
Your intestine is where food meets your body and magic-digestion, absorption and elimination of waste-occurs or not. If your digestion is a problem, it's time to restart. Invest in some dietary supplements (ie, fiber, glutamine, probiotics) and choose foods that will help your digestive system. Pineapple, papaya, Kim Chi, fresh yogurt, sauerkraut are certainly among our top choices to improve the digestive system. Antimicrobials such as garlic, coconut oil and oregano are also excellent for digestive health in general.
6 - Forget the "junk food"
Artificial ingredients contained in the junk food contribute to increased toxicity in the body. While your body is capable of removing a certain amount of food, most people consume excessive amounts of toxins in their food. The result is illustrated by a chronic smelly breath, bad body odor, itching skin, acne, fatigue, increased allergies, headaches and a slowed metabolism, all resulting in a weight gain. Junk food affects your immune system, which contributes to cancer and autoimmune diseases. Toxins produce free radicals that break the blood vessels contributing to the imbalance in cholesterol and increases your chance of having heart disease. Not to consume little or hydrogenated oils, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, artificial colors and flavors, salt, preservatives, gluten and most other ingredients you do not know the names.
7 - Re-mineralize your H2O
Our ancestors drank water from a mineral-rich soil. Today, most of the water we drink are devoid of minerals or contain small amounts. The result, our body lacks minerals! Choose more mineralized water to compensate for this deficiency and make it a habit to drink at least 8 glasses of water or herbal tea, fresh fruit juice (1 glass per day), iced green tea or white tea hot green or white, coconut water every day to maximize your health, your energy, your endurance and your athletic performance!
8 - Take a Break
Coffee causes fatigue of the adrenal glands, intestinal problems, hormonal imbalances and low energy. Challenge yourself to eliminate or reduce your intake of coffee, at least for a while. If the abandonment of coffee gives you headaches, start by switching to organic. Some alternatives to coffee green tea, maté, ginger tea or cocoa milk house (mix of almond milk or coconut milk, cocoa powder, real vanilla and syrup agave).
9 - Mollo on sugar!
Seriously, sugar is one of the greatest enemies of good health. Only buy or do not eat foods containing sugar syrup or corn. Be aware that companies use derivatives to enhance the flavor of food. Instead of buying candy and cookies, start making your own goodies or buy your own health products that use Stevia, Xylitol, fruit juice, agave juice or vegetable glycerin instead of syrup corn, glucose, fructose and other high glycemic. This will reduce the risk of developing diabetes, weight gain and minimize hormonal imbalances!
10 - A good balance
You do not need to turn you into a guru of health or a skilled reader of nutrition. Check what you can (like when you go shopping, your way of cooking, where you eat, what brands you buy, and what supplements you take) and do not take everything literally, enjoy a flexibility and above all leave room for pleasure, you will avoid to feel in a situation of failure if you succumb to your old habits.


A Nutrition Guide For Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

What is the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS)?
Often, people often think know what that chronic fatigue syndrome. Before jumping to conclusions, know that CFS is not an ordinary fatigue caused by intense physical activity. Rather, it is a form of prolonged fatigue that requires a holistic program important to recover the shape.
What causes CFS?
CFS can be caused by many factors including the combination of several of these factors can lead to greater severity of illness. Etiological factors may be viral, bacterial or yeast overgrowth, adrenal fatigue, the consumption of food allergens, overloading the nervous system, severe stress and inflammation. The SFC can be exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies common, hypoglycemia, chemical toxicity and low food neurochemistry.
The SFC had he be treated?
The answer is yes! It performs well in the "treatment" of CFS due to nutrition. There are no two identical people so it may be a unique nutritional program for everyone. However, you can create a program that will work for you, with the help of nutritional tests and a qualified nutritionist. In addition, it is important to supplement your program with a massage, rest, healthy relationships and daily exercise.

Top 5 nutrition tips for fighting the SFC 

1. Reduce sugar in general and especially refined sugars. 
2. Eliminate food allergens. The most common are wheat (gluten), soy and casein in dairy products. It is also found in corn and eggs. You can test to know your allergies, you can begin to incorporate probiotics in your food allergy-free in order to help combat food hypersensitivity.
3. Eat animal protein. Ideally choose organic animal protein to support your immune system, adrenal glands and neurochemistry, which depend on protein for their normal function. For example, poultry, shrimp, fish, eggs and beef. 
4. Eat raw foods. Raw foods contain enzymes essential and are generally rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat fresh fruit and raw vegetables and nuts / seeds every two hours, more fermented foods daily. Consider also dairy products, fish and meat to increase your "number of enzymes." 
5. Stay hydrated. You need fluids to help the circulation to transport oxygen to your cells. Drink mineralized water at least 8 glasses a day. Green tea, herbal tea, water with lemon juice and hot fresh fruit are all excellent.
Sample daily menu 

Breakfast - papaya or pineapple, herbal tea or green tea 
Lunch - Smoothie protein and whey 
Mid-morning - a boiled egg or an apple with macadamia butter 
Lunch - Large colorful salad with protein and olive oil 
Snack - Fresh vegetables and guacamole or protein bar
Dinner - Shrimp sauteed with broccoli and brown rice, season with coconut milk and sesame seeds
Dessert / Snack - cup fresh or frozen coconut milk.


Follow the checklist 

Feasts and pleasures of the summer tables are long gone and yet the memory of them remained. For proof, a few inches more on your hips and the difficulty in closing your pants. It is time to react and to find your form, the return is the perfect time to take action. So, not to forget it and get it right, follow step-by-step our checklist. 

1 - The day of reckoning

Evaluate yourself! To see if you have weight to lose and how, using our calculation tools.

Calculate your BMI

Also called body mass index, BMI established the mathematical relationship between your height and weight. You used to determine if you are overweight and takes into account your build. To know where you locate, use our calculator.

Ideal weight

Your ideal weight also called healthy weight should be your goal plan. It is a weight for you given your size and it will be easy to maintain. It is not advisable to try to lose weight more than your healthy weight as you will find it difficult to stabilize. Your ideal weight? Towards our calculator.

Do you measure 

And even if your balance always displays the same weight, your body may have increased. So do you measure: waist, thighs, knees ... And distrust, if your waist circumference exceeds 88 cm (if you're a woman) or 102 cm (if you're a man), there is a risk to health.
Your image
Here, it is no longer whether you are overweight but how you feel in your body and what difference is there between the image reference the mirror and figure that you would like. Try to honestly evaluate the weight loss necessary to achieve this result.

2 - Determine your goals
It is very important to have goals and stick to it. A schedule of the weeks and months ahead, they will remain the focus of your progress.

How much weight to lose? 

You now have a clearer idea of ​​the weight you want to lose. Ask yourself whether this is realistic ideal weight. The goal is a weight where you feel good, not coated, but not thin either. And attention, not to destabilize your metabolism, you should not lose more than 10% of your weight in the year. So did you do your accounts?
Plan time

Lean gently reasonably expect a loss of two to three kilos per month. Trying to lose weight quickly can be a difficult goal to take over the long term. Remember that you took time to take those extra pounds, it will also have to lose, let your body and especially your skin time to adjust to its new forms.
Do not forget to allow yourself a margin, think about the next vacation or holiday during which you may forget your diet a little ... 

3 - Choose your plan 

For a system to be effective, it must be followed long enough. There is no "better" or more efficace.Celui regime that suits you best will be that you have the easier and fun to follow. But yes, it's possible. First, we must consider what your daily routine and find the plan that best suits your lifestyle.

What is your lifestyle?

you are a regular family meals

2. you eat every noon at the restaurant

you never make a proper meal at lunchtime

What are your preferences?

you like to cook good food

2. you do not swear by the frozen and canned

3. You do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen

4. This restaurant, snack or caterer

The best diet for you

Weight Watchers: For those with the time and inclination to cook good food

1. Montignac: for the regulars of the restaurant

2. Separated, nothing to count, easy to follow but do eat the sandwich bread / butter

3. Atkins: many banned, it is better to make his meals at home

4. Scars-dale: forward only if you take all your meals at home, if not, hello to the complications for the menu which is called

"Home Plan" calorie counting calories without paying attention to any portions ... for those who are unable to precisely follow a diet. This addition to changing eating habits of following a real plan.

4 - Exercise

Exercise promotes weight loss, refines the silhouette and moderates the appetite. But given that nearly 40% of subscribers to a gym give up after a few weeks, we understand why we must carefully choose an activity that we match.


This is the main: not fun, you will not hold long enough for lack of motivation. Who wants to go and make them suffer for an hour three times a week? So look what you would like to offer and if what the gym does not inspire you, know that there are lots of other fun activities that we do not often think like the trampoline, bowling, skating, swimming synchronized, badminton ...

Solo and group

Based on country roads to cycle when you have a mad desire to rub the world is not necessarily a good idea.
Your degree of socialization is to be considered, too timid, do aerobics in the middle of 25 girls will certainly quickly turn to the Calvary ... and when a figure somewhat heavy, you do not necessarily want to appear in leotards, then, think ...

Question time

How much time can you devote to the practice of an activity? Three times a week is a good pace to get back in shape. Do not forget the time needed to travel to get to the gym. If you're the type swamped with work, you might prefer to subscribe to a club open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Your goals

It depends on what you expect from the sport you will practice. Lose a few pounds, to rebuild a great shape or reshape your silhouette will all have to be considered for choosing your business. For help, see our chart of activities by category. 


ACTIVITIESWeight Loss - Aerobics- Jogging- Simulator steps- Swimming- Step-endurance heart - Squash- Badminton-muscle tone - Fitness (devices)- Karate, judo ...Flexibility - Yoga- Stretching- Gymnastics 

5 - Stay motivated

Without real commitment, a plan has little chance of success, so it needs to be from the start all the advantages on your side.

Your motivations

Why do you lose weight? Answer this question honestly. The answer is important because it is she who will help you later to stay motivated. Desire to please, to find form and tone, better self-image ... There are many reasons to you to find yours.


Reward yourself! For every pound lost or every 5 pounds, are planning to make a gift, enjoy it, mark it! It's good for morale and it gives strength to continue.

Nothing planned?

Moving? The return of children to school? A new job? If you plan events stressors, push a little the start of your diet. Wait until calm returns to get started, you will increase your chances of success.


Step 1 - After pregnancy, the precautions to be taken
After childbirth, regain her figure is one of the biggest concerns of new mothers. Do not be too pressed. It should be 9 months to make a baby, so it is only natural that a substantially similar time is needed to lose weight and regain her figure of yesteryear.
We begin to lose weight about 7 months after delivery. Be patient! It does no good to engage in drastic dieting. When you lose weight quickly, you lose water, protein, muscle (which can have disastrous effects in the perineum if there are more muscles to support the organs), but no lose fat.
Did you know?
If you are breastfeeding, giving the breast to burn more calories (300 to 600 a day) and allows the uterus to regain its original shape faster.
The plan to say goodbye to pounds baby can not be started until 2 months after birth (menses) or at the end of lactation.
Step 2 - A healthy diet
It does no good to skip meals, the body lacks takes it out on the next meal. He soon catches up and store what we eat for fear of missing. We advise you to split the meal: it is better to eat less and more often. This does not mean snacking, but can be for example a light snack (fruit or a dairy product) in mid-morning and afternoon.
The fact that you chew and digest already burned 200 calories. A little trick to know in case of impulse snack, brush your teeth because the taste of menthol toothpaste appetite.
Eat animal protein (meat, fish, milk, dairy products and eggs) and vegetable protein (cereal products: pasta, bread, rice, legumes: lentils, beans ... and dried fruit). Protein calm though hunger and protein deficiency leads to loss of muscle and not fat.
You will find carbohydrates in cereals, pulses, pasta, bread, vegetables, dairy products (except cheese), fruit, and sugar ...
You can find the fat in dairy products, butter, milk, cream, cheese (prefer margarine and low-fat products from 0 to 20% fat), meat, fish, oil, lawyers ...
Step 3 - Physical activity to help you lose weight
The practice of a sport burns calories. The body draws on fat stores and increases muscle mass. Wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth to consider resuming a real physical activity.
And always ask permission from your doctor. As soon as you can, practice walking, swimming, aqua-gym .... Wait a year to practice running and after three births is strongly discouraged.
As for swimming, you should know that the number of calories burned to advance in water is four times the number of calories burned for outdoor activities of jogging. The body must expend energy to stay on the surface, but also to move to keep its temperature at 37 ° C. After half an hour of breaststroke endurance, you enter into your fat reserves.
Finally, lose weight permanently
The only way to lose weight in a sustainable manner is therefore to adopt a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and physical activity. Once you have decided to return to your pre-pregnancy figure, do not be too impatient! With the will and courage, you will get there. Follow our advice and do not make an issue of stress, because the radiation that comes from this new being as part of your physical renewal .


Have a flat stomach, many men and women dream about.
Here are some dietary lifestyle to overcome the power curves.
A dash of patience and tenacity to be associated with a food choice to avoid fermentation and beads.
Drink at least 1 liter of water (preferably flat) between meals. Avoid sodas and sparkling water while eating. The gas in the liquid supports decision-abdominal volume.
Prefer the bread to white bread (more starchy so conducive to fermentation).
Get enough fresh vegetables, raw vegetables and not abuse limit pulses depending on your tolerance. 
Replace the orange juice from breakfast with a fruit compote or dried fruit soaked to be less irritating.
Avoid dishes with sauces, fried foods, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese promote fermentation in contact with other foods. They are best consumed without food), chewing gum, cakes, cabbage, onions and pasta, rice, semolina cereal too refined (alternate with brown rice and wholemeal pasta).
Remove alcohol, coffee, responsible for the irritation of the colon. Opt for herbal teas and infusions.
Cook a vegetarian meal once or twice a week (preferably dinner), with vegetables and cereals.
Alternate meat and fish: do not eat meat twice a day.
Do not eat too spicy to avoid irritation of the colon.
Above all, try not to snack between meals and eat an apple instead all afternoon.
Tame the salt! It retains water in the tissues and can be the cause of cellulite and orange peel.
Eat slowly, do not get distracted by television, chew your food well and give yourself at least 20 minutes per meal.
The trick to avoid eating too much, and have taken on feed intake, tighten your belt a notch before the meal.
Some food supplements (charcoal, white clay, cumin, fennel, etc..), Can boost your efforts. Do not forget the probiotics (found in some dairy products) to re-balance the intestinal flora.
Perform a series of twenty abdominal morning and evening. Remember to contract your abs several times a day without forgetting to breathe.
To regularly walk a little faster and get from time to time the stairs instead of taking the elevator still contracting the abdominal.
You can also reshape your belly with specific products and practice self-massage. Place your hand flat on your stomach by drawing circles in the direction of clockwise and starting from the right hip bone. The micro-circulation is revived and promoted digestion.
In short, to avoid some sweet words like "cake" and "love handles", you stick to the skin, combining a healthy diet just exercise for a toned and regalbee.
By Virginia Ramamihasimbola
Dietician Nutritionist