Monday, 1 August 2011


Have a flat stomach, many men and women dream about.
Here are some dietary lifestyle to overcome the power curves.
A dash of patience and tenacity to be associated with a food choice to avoid fermentation and beads.
Drink at least 1 liter of water (preferably flat) between meals. Avoid sodas and sparkling water while eating. The gas in the liquid supports decision-abdominal volume.
Prefer the bread to white bread (more starchy so conducive to fermentation).
Get enough fresh vegetables, raw vegetables and not abuse limit pulses depending on your tolerance. 
Replace the orange juice from breakfast with a fruit compote or dried fruit soaked to be less irritating.
Avoid dishes with sauces, fried foods, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese promote fermentation in contact with other foods. They are best consumed without food), chewing gum, cakes, cabbage, onions and pasta, rice, semolina cereal too refined (alternate with brown rice and wholemeal pasta).
Remove alcohol, coffee, responsible for the irritation of the colon. Opt for herbal teas and infusions.
Cook a vegetarian meal once or twice a week (preferably dinner), with vegetables and cereals.
Alternate meat and fish: do not eat meat twice a day.
Do not eat too spicy to avoid irritation of the colon.
Above all, try not to snack between meals and eat an apple instead all afternoon.
Tame the salt! It retains water in the tissues and can be the cause of cellulite and orange peel.
Eat slowly, do not get distracted by television, chew your food well and give yourself at least 20 minutes per meal.
The trick to avoid eating too much, and have taken on feed intake, tighten your belt a notch before the meal.
Some food supplements (charcoal, white clay, cumin, fennel, etc..), Can boost your efforts. Do not forget the probiotics (found in some dairy products) to re-balance the intestinal flora.
Perform a series of twenty abdominal morning and evening. Remember to contract your abs several times a day without forgetting to breathe.
To regularly walk a little faster and get from time to time the stairs instead of taking the elevator still contracting the abdominal.
You can also reshape your belly with specific products and practice self-massage. Place your hand flat on your stomach by drawing circles in the direction of clockwise and starting from the right hip bone. The micro-circulation is revived and promoted digestion.
In short, to avoid some sweet words like "cake" and "love handles", you stick to the skin, combining a healthy diet just exercise for a toned and regalbee.
By Virginia Ramamihasimbola
Dietician Nutritionist

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