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Step 1 - After pregnancy, the precautions to be taken
After childbirth, regain her figure is one of the biggest concerns of new mothers. Do not be too pressed. It should be 9 months to make a baby, so it is only natural that a substantially similar time is needed to lose weight and regain her figure of yesteryear.
We begin to lose weight about 7 months after delivery. Be patient! It does no good to engage in drastic dieting. When you lose weight quickly, you lose water, protein, muscle (which can have disastrous effects in the perineum if there are more muscles to support the organs), but no lose fat.
Did you know?
If you are breastfeeding, giving the breast to burn more calories (300 to 600 a day) and allows the uterus to regain its original shape faster.
The plan to say goodbye to pounds baby can not be started until 2 months after birth (menses) or at the end of lactation.
Step 2 - A healthy diet
It does no good to skip meals, the body lacks takes it out on the next meal. He soon catches up and store what we eat for fear of missing. We advise you to split the meal: it is better to eat less and more often. This does not mean snacking, but can be for example a light snack (fruit or a dairy product) in mid-morning and afternoon.
The fact that you chew and digest already burned 200 calories. A little trick to know in case of impulse snack, brush your teeth because the taste of menthol toothpaste appetite.
Eat animal protein (meat, fish, milk, dairy products and eggs) and vegetable protein (cereal products: pasta, bread, rice, legumes: lentils, beans ... and dried fruit). Protein calm though hunger and protein deficiency leads to loss of muscle and not fat.
You will find carbohydrates in cereals, pulses, pasta, bread, vegetables, dairy products (except cheese), fruit, and sugar ...
You can find the fat in dairy products, butter, milk, cream, cheese (prefer margarine and low-fat products from 0 to 20% fat), meat, fish, oil, lawyers ...
Step 3 - Physical activity to help you lose weight
The practice of a sport burns calories. The body draws on fat stores and increases muscle mass. Wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth to consider resuming a real physical activity.
And always ask permission from your doctor. As soon as you can, practice walking, swimming, aqua-gym .... Wait a year to practice running and after three births is strongly discouraged.
As for swimming, you should know that the number of calories burned to advance in water is four times the number of calories burned for outdoor activities of jogging. The body must expend energy to stay on the surface, but also to move to keep its temperature at 37 ° C. After half an hour of breaststroke endurance, you enter into your fat reserves.
Finally, lose weight permanently
The only way to lose weight in a sustainable manner is therefore to adopt a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and physical activity. Once you have decided to return to your pre-pregnancy figure, do not be too impatient! With the will and courage, you will get there. Follow our advice and do not make an issue of stress, because the radiation that comes from this new being as part of your physical renewal .

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